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Wake Up With Trisha Moore

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Remember that girl you knew in school who was always getting in trouble for talking in class? Well, she’s here, and she still has a “gift for the gab.”  Trisha Moore has served on the air in numerous positions in the midwest and on the east coast, and played EVERY kind of music imaginable. But her fave? THE MUSIC WE PLAY RIGHT HERE, of course! She is a proud dog mom to Frank, who MAY BE the GOODEST of ALL DA GOODBOYS ever, and she spends most of her time exploring every park out there with Frank by her side. Trisha is a proud “Air Force Brat” and spent 3 years in Italy as a young kid. In fact, she’s the only person in her family who HASN’T been in the military. Born in Elkins, WV, Trisha started her radio career on a little AM country station, and then moved to Columbus, Ohio to chase her radio dreams. Trisha is a true mix of city and country, and is never without a smile. Ask Trisha what her goal in life is, and she’ll tell you it’s not only what she’s doing for a living, but it’s also to make the most of every day and have at least made one person smile. FUN is a constant in this ladies world.